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Live Ride Technology.

The most natural and enjoyable ride experience available in a compact & portable form.

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Robert Vestal
Excellent Product

The Omnium Over-Drive Bike Trainer is replacing a traditional trainer. The design is unique, very functional, easy to set up, Its portability is an asset. Highly recommend this trainer.

Thank you for the positive review! We wish you many hours of pleasant and productive training.

Max Abner
Best Travel and Racing Trainer

These are the best trainers for those looking for proper race day warm up or cool down. They pack up small and quickly. Unpacking them is even easier! Unlike most trainers, these have a good progressive load and make the warm up or even workout a breeze to complete. Would recommend for anyone looking for something for traveling, racing, or even something small for college or dorm or apartment!

Stephen Marsteller
Easiest warm ups

We primarily use our Omnium Overdrive for warm ups at bike races. Many of the venues don't have good arrangements for the pre-race routine. They are unsafe due to incoming car traffic or are overcrowded with too many riders trying to fit into too small a space. Getting a good warm up is crucial to riding one's best. Enter the Omnium Overdrive. It's simple to just drop the front wheel, attach it to the trainer, and go. The progressive resistance is perfect for our format. The built in "wiggle" gives a realistic feel to the ride. We only need a level area to set it on and we're underway- we've used parking lots, grass, a sidewalk- a good option is always there to be found. Our Omnium is easy to use, keeps us safe, and helps us avoid pre-race frustration. We love it!


Great for warming up for races!

Love it

Ive had mine for a few years now and love it. Its super simple to use and works with Zwift, the pre loaded workouts on my ELEMNT bike computer, or just freeform spinning. Zwift picks up power reading from my bikes power meter so no need for fancy electronic trainers or calibration spin downs etc. Weve carried it along in its compact bag while traveling and used it in motel rooms, parking lots, friends garages etc. I have also used it for bike fitting, installing new bar tape, cables etc. Buy this trainer and you will have no regrets.