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The essential tools to perform almost any bike repair, anywhere you go.

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Quality Bike Tools All In One Place

I'm DIY type and although I've had some tools for my bikes in the past kind of thrown together as the need arose, I wanted a quality kit that would allow me to do most things myself on my and my family's regular bikes and my hunting ebike. This kit not only folds up and is out of the way, but you have an entire, comprehensive bag of bike specific tools ready whenever and whereever you may need it. I like that its in a very durable carry case and you can stuff the case in places a regular toolbox won't likely fit. The case is tough, the tools are high quality, and you can hang this case on the Feedback sports' bike stands and any other bike stand for that matter and leave everything set up in your garage, shed or basement to work on your bikes. You can fold it up, throw it in your truck on a long ride and always have great bike tools available to do repairs. The case is a great idea and a welcome departure from a ridged toolbox that is bulky and noisy and not as easy to stow. Well worth the price IMHO.


Great tool kit.

Thank you!

really happy with it

I'm most of the way through my first year with the version 1 of the kit and am really happy with it.
* I particularly like the case. It is great to be able to attach to the stand and it is very well built.
* Tools I have added:
* Knipex pliers
* Park chain quick link pliers (Good add in V2 kit)
* Adjustable torque driver (I need a better way to store the bits)
* Feedback T-handle drivers (favorite!)

It makes working on my many bikes a pleasure as I can put a bike on the stand and have all the tools I need at my finger tips. I've been following #toolboxwars over the year and I think this toolkit is a better than the big Pelican cases and foam cutouts.

The chain tool is problematic. I have used many chain tools and this one has the softest tip I've seen. On the second chain I broke, the tip bent. Replacement tips are unavailable and the threads on the Park tips are different. The cable cutter arrived with burs on the cutter surface. I disassembled and clean up the cutter but it is still fraying cables when cutting. I'll have to do another cleanup or swap it with my Park cable cutter. I'm concerned the elastic loops will stretch. It would be more perfect with more secure sleeves like used on the hanging t-handle holders and case.

This is a very well laid out kit and a pleasure to use. If you are thinking about getting this case, go for it, you'll be glad you have it.

This tool kit is great!

This toolkit is great! It comes with all the basic tools you'll need to fix your bike. The case is durable waterproof and easily portable, will fit in most backpacks. The chrome finish on the pedal wrench, cassette tool, rotor bender and chain breaker are a nice touch. I have spent some quality time working on bikes with this toolkit and whether your are in the pits or at home this toolkit has got your covered!

Michael van den Ham
Everything I need

Everything I need to bring to a race in one tidy little package!

I got this intending to use it as a race only kit, but the tools are so nice that it seems to be taking the place of my day to day tools as well. The real winner of the kit (in my opinion) is the chain whip tool (that is way way better than a chain whip). It makes what used to be the annoying task of removing a cassette incredibly easy.

Overall, really nicely machine tools and the perfect on the road (or at home) kit.