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Superior support for contemporary bikes.

Made for modern bikes like mountain bikes, e-bikes, cargo bikes, and urban bikes. 145% stiffer. 60% faster clamp closure. 45% greater clutch capacity.

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Made with sustainability in mind.

100% curbside recyclable, plastic-free packaging & 20+ replacement parts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
chris tierno
BEST portable work stand PERIOD !!!!!!!!!

I have owned and used many repair stands over the years, This one is the absolute best. It is the most stable stand I've used, doesnt wobble or tilt with heavier bikes, stays solid when wheel removed. Easy to set up and the Clamp system is a game changer , especially with heavier bikes. I am a mobile bike technician and use these stands daily, This is the BEST I have used. Do not waste your time and money on the others, just get this one. You will not be disappointed. Even the case is exceptional. Only thing is that I wish they had a work tray that fit on this stand. I got used to them on the other stands I have had. The option of the truing stand attachment is great as well, that's next on my list. Thank you Feedback !!!!

Chris, thank you for the fantastic review. We do appreciate it it. We are working on a tool tray solution. Happy wrenching!!

Linda Williams
Solid Bike Stand

This a solid bike stand, well build and easy to use.

Scot Dorsey
Excellent Stand

This stand is very stable, super light and so easy to operate
Great product,

Thank you for the kind words. We wish you many hours of fun bike service!

Benjamin Chournos
THEE Best Work Stand Ever...

I bought the HD stand in April of 2023 after using the Pro Bike Mechanic for years (I had no issues with this one after many company events, personal, in house tune-ups, suspension rebuilds, etc. I really loved that one, which is why I opted to upgrade.. I thought "why not?". I've worked in 3 different e-bike shops, worked on more than 30 ebikes, ranging in weight from 45lbs to 80lbs. The HD work stand is BY FAR the best I've ever used... EVER.. I've used plenty of the blue work stands in the past 30 years of turning wrenches, believe me. The HD is light weight, SUPER versatile, even when working on the IronMan circuit this past year. Exceptional clamp strength, rotates easily to get the f-brakes dialed on heavy or light bikes, the quick release clamp is always easy to use. Above and beyond all of those remarks, working on heavier E-bikes, DH bikes, all mtn bikes, etc. this does not disappoint in any way at all. Quickly and easily collapsable, carry over the shoulder while having the other hand to carry tools, bikes, what-ever. This is by far the best work stand I've used at home, at events, even in new shops who haven't invested in "shop work stands". Worth EVERY penny.

Thank you!


Soooo rad.