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Mount it Anywhere.

Use it on its free-standing steel base, bench mount it, or use it atop any of our repair stands.

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent stand

Excellent stand for truing and building wheels. Super portable and just as easy to use whether working from a repair stand or a kitchen table. If you'd like to build wheels, I'd just recommend a wheel dishing tool as well.

Grant Taggart
Awesome upgrade!

Awesome upgrade! The old indicator seemed to move when the rim hit it. This one is much more stable and accurate.

Making improvements, making them available as small parts, and making them retro-fit is always our goal! Thanks for taking the time to write the review!

Andrew Stuart
Can use anywhere

Just bought this and built two wheels. Great stand that you can use anywhere. I don't need any other stand, great price and value.

Tom Irvine
I love this stand!

I love this stand! I am not a professional bike mechanic but I have four decades of home bike repair behind me, and last year I took a bike mechanics course at Barnett's. I have used the truing stand from Park Tools and I realize that every bike shop has the Park Tools Stand on their workbench, and I hate to go against the opinions of more experienced mechanics, BUT if I were to receive the Park's stand for free, I think I would still gravitate to this one from Feedback Sports. Here's why: 1. You really only need one point of contact to true a wheel. 2. The adjustment on the rub indicator is finer than the one from Park - it's less jumpy when you are trying to nudge that tip to the rim for minimal contact. I think this is because the rub indicator is right on the end of the screw, not at the end of a caliper which is attached to a screw. 3. I can set the stand up anywhere. I can put it on the workbench, I can put it on the floor in front of the fireplace like I did last night, Heck I can set it out on the lawn and use it there if I felt like it. The base is heavy enough and stable enough that it does not need to be clamped to anything. It is well made. 4. I used the stand for lateral and radial truing right out of the box. I also used it for dishing easily enough, but I really think a dishing tool is best for that. (I'm not sure that the Park stand claims to be a good choice for dishing either.) 5. I got this on sale, but even full-price would be a bargain, but like I said, even if you gave me the "professional" stand for free, I think I'd still rather use this one.

works great

Ive had this stand a little while now but in that short time Ive used it to true some wheels that needed it months and sometimes years earlier and to pace and tension new wheels for myself and friends.

At home I use the stand on my kitchen table but just as often and when Im out of the house I use it on a stand.

The setup is visibly sleek, but what I think gets lost is how robust of a tool this is. Between the alignment tips receding to the lock mechanisms, to the weight balance that allows me to use it on my kitchen table this thing is very sophisticated and elegantly designed. Whats more, it doesnt weigh much but is balanced well.

Ive had park stands and used them in shops and theyre fine. This is a fraction of the weight and a pleasure to use.