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Joe G.
2-piece needs improvement

I own 3 Scorpion stands. They're great, but the two-piece stand's weak point is the screw holding them together. It will come loose & it will eventually break. For this reason, I prefer the one piece stand better. For the two pice stand, I highly recommend using a wide, metal hose clamp in addition to the screw. You'll thank me later.

Kenny G
Cool idea . . .

Cool Idea if the bike would stand up straight. I tried all the sleeves it came with and it doesnt work well with one of the most popular Shimano XT cranksets on the Mtb market.. Very disappointing that it does not stand up straight and solid. Must alter the angle of the stand to get it to be straight.

Hi Kenny, the Scorpion is intentionally designed to have some 'lean' so the stand is loaded in a direction where it can be safely held upright. It also allows a user to turn the crankarms and the pedals clear the stand, so a person could lube the chain or even adjust the gears by spinning the cranks and back wheel. The 'Stinger' or spindle shims are sized for easy installation and removal of most cranks with intentional clearance to spare. If they're sized too near to the crank spindle, installation and removal becomes pretty tricky. We've done extensive testing.

Strong and reliable

Very good, strong and reliable stand for my XC MTB. With the right size adapter it fits into my Sram crank. As this is my main storage stand for this bike, I never take it apart. Used it a few times outside when travelling.

I always store my bike indoors on the Scorpion stand between summer rides and during the winter season when the back wheel is off for smart trainer sessions.

Very happy with it. Now I'm planning to upgrade my work stand to the Sprint Work Stand.

David Bade
Solid stand

Solid stand but a misleading description.
"when not being used it folds in to a compact, portable or stow-able footprint until its needed again."

It does not actually FOLD with a link or quick release mechanism - you need to fully REMOVE the allen screw to separate the two parts for storage. Makes it much less handy to pull out for use quick use and then put away.....

Maxx Cohen

These racks are so handy for keeping bikes in the garage. I recently bought this having owned several of the older generation scorpion stands. The new version is even quicker to set up. It includes a allen key to bolt the two pieces together. A small button replaces the older pin that used to hold the crank spindle collar on the stand. It's now easier to build and switch collar sizes.