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Elegant, non-permanent and stable.

The Velo Cache is a timeless, high-quality, versatile bike storage idea.

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Love this stand.

Love this stand. It is super easy to put together and it is great inside the house or even in the garage. I used it to store a 23" aluminum frame MTB (bottom) and a 60cm carbon road bike (top) and they fit just fine. I highly recommend for anyone who needs attractive and space-saving bike storage.

Troy D

An excellent two bike vertical storage unit. Solid, easy to assemble construction. I added a drop of 3-in-1 oil to the screws, pre-assembled each by lightly assembling to avoid cross-threading or stripping screws (which was a problem I read about in other website reviews). No problems with assembly. The only negative, and why I give the stand 4-stars instead of 5, is the rubber cradles do not fit my Roscoe 8 tubes very well. With the steeper tube assembly, it puts some stress on the rubber components. I have some concerns that over time this will cause this part to wear faster. Also the arms are fixed in width, and while adjustable, with the angled tube frame, it just doesn't fit as nicely as I would have preferred. I think for a touring bike, or a round tube frame that is not angled, hands down a 5-star bike storage rack. If you are space challenged though as I am, I think this is still a good compromise buy for mountain bikers.

David Z
This is the real deal.

This is the real deal - rock solid, good looking, and very durable.
Absolutely excellent bike rack that can hold 4 bikes securely in a relatively small space.
I have owned mine for over 20 years, and it still looks great, and keeps my best bikes safe and protected. I just bought another one - we have a lot of bikes!
It's not the cheapest system out there, but it really is the best.

Rock Solid Stand!

Rock solid stand!!! Not a bit of wiggle, no fear that it is going to topple over under any circumstances. I love this stand and highly recommend it. Several have mentioned that the instructions are lacking detail and difficult to understand, this is true!!! However, taking your time and studying how the rack goes together, you can have it fully assembled between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on how mechanically inclined you are.

Kathleen Fetterly

Once assembled, great! I have one steel Japanese bike and one new carbon fiber bike. They are safely in my apartment and off the floor! I can see them everyday and they look great. This rack brings function and presentation together nicely. I purchased the silver color. It is nice how the rack will stand on its own and tucks nicely along the wall .