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Innovative & elegant.

Hang your bike by the front wheel allowing it to safely swing sideways, to its smallest footprint.

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Chris Hall
Should include "Long Hook" option

I love the Velo Hinge. However, they SHOULD include both the regular and long hook with the kit. While the regular hook is great for road or gravel bikes. The regular hook does not fit modern mountain bike tires. The hook is not an expensive part and you should not be required to purchase it separately. Assuming you can find it in stock.

For anyone with a mountain bike, the Long Hook is really the way to go. We suggest it, for sure.

Michael Ybaben
Great for road bikes

Great for road bikes for sure! With my mountain bikes I do feel a bit more nervous, because they're quite a bit heavier, hopefully the screws will hold. I was very careful to use a good stud finder to locate the studs, so far so good.
I will say save yourself some time and just go straight away to Home Depot and get some proper #8 or #9 construction screws. I had to do that after I shredded the heads on 5 screws in a row! They are not good quality, and keep binding up. The construction screws I purchased worked great.

Thanks for taking the time to submit a review!

Natalie Starr
Perfect for a small apartment

These are perfect for my small little apartment! I used anchors to get them into the dry wall which hold nicely. I love that I can swing the hinges to get the bikes out of the way (small space remember) when placing the bikes within the hooks. Plus, they look freaking sweet when the room is clean. ;)

Johanna Cardinal
Needs better instructions

Followed the clear installation instructions to the letter, hanging the hooks at 6' from the ground BUT this recommendation was too high; it was difficult for me to hang my bike (which is not the heaviest on the market). Today, the hooks were lowered 8" and I can easily hang my bike now. We are pleased with the concept of the velo hinge and the design, but it would have been easier for the instructions to indicate something like "install the hooks at the height where you would naturally be able to lift your bike". The promo video I saw shows a female cyclist easily lifting her bicycle high up and hooking it like it was feather weight; I felt that was somewhat unrealistic and misleading. We don't all ride graphite or titanium frame bicycles.

Hi Johanna - thanks for your input on the Velo Hinge! Glad you find the Velo Hinge easy to use, once it was set up just for you. As for our video, the co-owner Lisa is just one tough cookie - sorry if her strength was misleading ;) We appreciate you taking the time to put in a review, and we'll review our instructions!

Store more bikes

Whats there to say: installs easily, holds your bike, and makes the difference between being able to store 1 bike and 5.