The Best Bike Tools for Traveling

The Best Bike Tools for Traveling

While most bicycle repairs are performed by professional mechanics at a bike shop or performed in the comfort of a home garage workshop space, there are plenty of occasions when you need to make repairs on the go. Assembling a kit of the best bike tools for traveling will ensure that you’re always prepared for last minute bicycle repairs at a trailhead, on the road, or while traveling.

The best bicycle tools for traveling are not the same as emergency tools for road- or trail-side repairs. Ultralight, portable, and compact bicycle repair tools are great for minor adjustments or emergency fixes. But they’re often very small and awkward to use for true mechanical work. Plus they don’t always include the shop-grade materials and tolerances that define true portable tools for bike repair.

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The best bike tools for traveling are not the same as the best multi-tools for emergency use.

The best bicycle tools to use while traveling feature an ideal blend of sturdy, shop grade construction and materials, comfortable ergonomics, and compact form factor. For real mechanical work, the tools have to be up to the basic task and function as well (or better than) shop grade bicycle tools, but they must be lightweight and portable enough to make traveling a cinch.

Professional mechanics know that certain standards for tool quality simply can’t be ignored. High grade tool steel ensures tight tolerances, long service life, and less chance of unintentionally ruining an expensive bicycle part.
What’s less appreciated is that this level of quality can be found in portable tools that can be assembled into a bicycle tool kit for traveling.

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Professional grade tools can be assembled into portable kits for repairs at the trailhead, while road tripping, or for traveling to events.

Assembling just the right assortment of tools helps ensure that the most common bicycle maintenance and adjustment can be done anywhere, any time. Carrying too many tools, such as those rarely used on a road trip or at the trailhead, simply makes a portable tool kit too heavy and too bulky.

Here’s a list of the essential tools for traveling that our team at Feedback Sports curated for just this scenario.

  • Allen Wrenches – 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6mm
  • Torx® Wrenches – T25/T27/T30
  • 6 & 8mm L-handle Allen Wrenches
  • Magnetic-Tipped Screwdrivers – Flat blade 3 & 4.5mm; JIS Phillips #2
  • Shimano Crank Cap Tool
  • 15mm Pedal Wrench
  • 15mm Bolt-on Axle Nut Tool
  • Steel Core Tire Levers (2)
  • Spoke Multi-Wrench
  • Valve Extender Wrench
  • Valve Core Tools – Schrader and Presta
  • Rotor Truing Tools
  • Precision Chain Pin Press
  • Cassette and Disc Brake Rotor Lockring Wrench
  • Cassette Pliers
  • Cable Cutter and Cable Crimper
  • Master Link Pliers
  • Chain Tool

This list of tools was developed with input from professional racing team mechanics. Their livelihood depends on efficiently traveling to events around the world and having the right tools directly at hand.  

tool kit
Whether you’re camping out for a week, traveling the world with your bike, or going to an event, having a repair kit on hand will ensure that your riding experience won’t be derailed by a mechanical issue.

Feedback Sports specializes in lightweight, portable, functional tools and repair stands for traveling professionals and DIY bike mechanics alike. The Team Edition tool kit is a turnkey solution for any mechanic on the go. It readily doubles as a in-shop kit for home mechanics and packs up in minutes for a road trip or special event.

Paired with the Feedback Sports T-handle Allen wrench set, this combination of packable, portable tools covers all the needs for the most common repairs.