Based in Golden, Colorado, Feedback Sports was started by avid cyclist/racer Doug Hudson in 2004 with his development of the Alpine Digital Scale to weigh bicycles.  Early on, the scales were successfully distributed through another Colorado company named Ultimate Bike Support, which Feedback Sports acquired in 2008 to add bicycle work stands and storage stands to the Feedback product mix. We have since refined these proven, award winning designs and continue to develop new and innovative products.
Our mission is to create products that we are proud of and believe in with a company that our customers feel good about. Our passion for cycling led to an appreciation for high-performing, well-tuned machines and this flows into the products we make. Doug came up with the name Feedback Sports because of engineering’s use of feedback loops and cycles to improve and stabilize systems. 
This is the goal of our company and our products….using Feedback for improvement, thereby engineering your advantage.


Employee Profiles

Doug Hudson - Founder / President

Hometown:  Richmond, VA

Currently: Golden, CO

Experience:  Co-Founder of Chrome Bags, engineer and 20+ years of racing.

Favorite Bike: My new 18.5lb MTB.

Favorite Ride:  White Ranch - Golden, CO (That's why we moved here)...

Little known fact:  My first rock concert at age 4 was Elvis Presley. 


Lisa Hudson - Co-Owner / Accounting

Hometown:  Sterling, CO

Currently: Golden, CO

Experience:  Riding and racing mountain bikes since 1999.  Cross racing since 2008.

Favorite Bike:  Mountain Bike (I like the dirt). 

Favorite Ride:  Amasa Back, Moab.

Little known fact:  Climbed 3rd highest peak in North America (Pico De Orizaba).





Ford Isbey - Global Sales Manager 

Hometown:  Asheville NC

Currently:  Fort Collins, CO

Experience:  Bike Industry 7 yrs.

Favorite bike: Road Bike

Favorite ride: Fort Collins to Estes Park Loop.

Little Known fact: 19 years as a real estate agent (I've owned more bikes than houses though).



Sammy Rutherford - Regional Sales Manager (East)  / Marketing Support

Hometown: Jackson, MS

Currently: Golden, CO
Experience: US Marine Corps 91'-95'. Riding and racing bikes since 1988, with over 13 years in the cycling industry.   

Favorite ride:  West Elk Bicycle Classic

Favorite bike:  Road Bike

Little known fact:  First broken bone was on a bicycle, many more followed.... 




Jeff Nitta - Director of Sales / Marketing

 Hometown: Detroit, MI

Currently: Broomfield, CO

Experience: Grew up riding bikes and pestering the local bike shop until they hired me. 

Worked for Schwinn when it was cool!  

Favorite ride: Monarch Crest Trail

Favorite Bike:  My cruiser or my pump track bike.
Little known fact:  My kids don't think I'm cool anymore.





Kent Fuller - General Manager

Home town: Fort Collins, CO
Currently: Fort Collins, CO

Experience: Manufacturing management for 29+ years. 
Involved with Feedback Bike products for 18 years.

Favorite Bike: Stationary exercise bike.

Favorite Ride: 6:30AM everyday.

Little Known fact: Auto Mechanic by training in the 1970’s (before cars had computers onboard).






Tim Allen - Regional Sales Manager (West) / Tech Support 

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ 

Currently: Golden, CO

Experience: Since the training wheels came off.

Favorite bike: The one I'm riding.

Favorite ride: Mountains, sunshine, friends and single track.  Appropriately followed by a cold one!  

Little Known fact: I've never had my name on a top tube and I don't own a heart rate monitor,

power meter or a bike computer.  




Will Allen - Product Engineer

Hometown: Cedar Falls, IA

Currently:  Westminster, CO

Experience: Mechanical Engineer, racing on two wheels since 1993. 4 years shop experience

(Bike World, Iowa). 

Favorite bike: Toss-up between the Mountain and Cyclocross bike. 

Favorite ride: The one that gets me off the pavement.  

Little Known fact: I drove my car into a cop car the other day.  Well, he just drove off...

sometimes life's OK. 




Katie Macarelli - Marketing Coordinator

Hometown: Burlington, CO

Currently:  Golden, CO

Experience: Sales/Marketing for as well as contributing content.

Went from triathlons to racing crits and cross because running is awful.  

Favorite bike: My Mountain wait, my Road. Cyclocross bike...yes.  

My Cross bike.Today at least. 

Favorite ride: Lookout to Genesee, I-70 to Evergreen, down Kerr Gulch, down hwy 72, up Grapevine,

hit Lininger road and top it off with Mother Cabrini. Then coffee.  

Little Known fact: I consume roughly 45 cups of coffee per day. 



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